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ThinkForex releases tightest-ever spreads on commodities

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We're delighted to announce new industry leading spreads for spot Gold (XAU/USD), spot Silver (XAG/USD), Light Sweet Crude (WTI) and Brent Crude Oil (BRENT), along with enhancements to our CFD offering.

The new minimum spreads are:

Commodity New spreads Original spreads
Gold as low as 10 cents cut from 20 cents
Silver as low as 1 cent cut from 3 cents
WTI as low as 3 points cut from 5 points
BRENT as low as 4 points cut from 5 points

The new WTI and Brent spreads will be available across all accounts, while the variable reduced Gold and Silver spreads are accessible for Pro and VIP accounts. Standard account holders will still receive the great Gold (20 cent) and Silver (3 cent) fixed spreads, but should you wish to get the tightest spreads possible, upgrade to a Pro or VIP account today

Please note that spreads may vary based on market conditions.


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