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MFX Broker summed up the results of the third trimester of 2015

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Counting on the most innovative technologies and improvement of risk management automated system step by step MFX Broker steadily reached its goal – to become one of Forex leaders. Gradually improving the indicators of its work and expanding geographic footprint, MFX Broker gains confidence of more and more investors and traders from different countries including even the most distant corners of our planet. Today there are more than 600,000 clients from 120 countries.

Speaking about the first months of 2015 it is worth mentioning that they are marked with a series of significant events and impressive achievements.
In January according to the results of the last quarter of 2014 investors of MFX Capital received profit which composed 10,67% and increased standard interest rate on bank deposits.
“Our program, says Margarita Zhiznevskaya, MFX Capital investment manager, lets combine low risks with guaranteed income of up to 60% per annum due to precise analysis of investments and its diversification. That is why the program was acknowledged to be the best according to Global Banking & Finance Review”.

There is no doubt that all financial market participants remember the “Black Thursday” on 15 January as well – a day when unprecedented volatility of the Swiss franc caused sufficient damage to both traders and brokers some of which appeared to be on the edge of bankruptcy.
Hundreds of thousands of traders seeing negative balance of their accounts were afraid that besides suffered losses they would have to pay these debts as well. However there were brokers who took it upon themselves, and MFX Broker was one of the first companies to make it.

Stress resistance and financial welfare of the company are mainly related with powerful affiliate chain. As early as 2013 the company started new multi level affiliate program with the help of which partnership reward was increased by 600%. For this project MFX Broker was awarded by prestigious award of World Finance in “Best Affiliate Programs” nomination.
Today there are partners from more than 60 countries most active of which get up to $100,000 a month, total number of partnership accounts increased 50,000, and partnership reward of up to $15 per lot size is one of the highest in the area.

Totally new version of the web site was worked out with the purpose of expanding opportunities for service provision for clients and partners of the company. MFX 2.0 is an intellectual cross functional framework which lets traders, investors and IB partners monetize their knowledge and skills in a most convenient way. Besides traditional functions which imply almost all Forex and Binary Options brokers, MFX 2.0 offers expanded opportunities for social trading and one click access to both investment products and numerous contests which the company regularly holds among traders and partners.

Another service which is offered by not all but just a few is interest charge for free margin of traders’ accounts. This operation is realized automatically at 9% per annum in USD – during the first quarter of 2015 more than $50,000 was charged to the trading accounts in form of interest rate.

It is natural that using constantly increasing financial tools, MFX Broker not only improves trading conditions for clients, but also realizing its social responsibility implements wide scale charity program in dozens of countries all over the world for already several years. For instance, in March charity race “Let’s go have fun and charity” was held in Indonesia with sponsorship of MFX Broker. All the funds raised were directed to local orphanage.

For almost ten years of working on financial markets the company gained a lot of professional awards which testify to trust of traders’ community. And just during first several months of 2015 MFX Broker was awarded already three times. After IAIR Awards in Best Broker / Investment Products which was given to the company in Hong Kong in the middle of March, there was “Global Banking & Finance Review Awards 2015” in Most Innovative FX Social Trading Solutions South East Asia. And in the end of April International Association of Forex Traders (IAFT Award) awarded the company as the Best Broker of the Year.

“The last year, says Igor Volkov, President of the holding, appeared to be very hard because we had to realize several rather ambitious projects at once. And I am very glad that all our efforts were noticed and highly estimated. I sincerely hope that these awards will not be the last. For our part we will do everything to make cooperation with us more and more comfortable and beneficial for our clients and partners”.

Among the plans for the nearest future we can mention launch of a series of contests not only for Forex traders and IB partners, but for investors and Binary Options traders as well; implementation of innovative mechanisms of social trading, considerable expansion of instruments for partners, and launch of many stage Proprietary Trading program in the frame of which traders will have chance to get capital from MFX Broker, which is 3500 times more than personal deposit, into asset management.


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