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IB World Cup Forex Contest ATFX

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Only Taiwan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam are eligible for this IB World Cup Forex Contest Promotion. Only IBs who have accepted the Standard Terms of Business and have an active IB account with ATFX are eligible to participate in this contest.

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Suitable for: New Traders

Time Limit: Indefinite

2022 IB World Cup Forex Contest:

Every IB contest participant earns Contest Points based on the Live trading volume achieved by new Live customer accounts opened throughout the contest period.
Only new Live client accounts established throughout the contest period are counted in the Contest Points computation.
Every 0.01 lot exchanged by a new customer is worth 0.01 Contest Points.
Contest Points earned on Copytrade follower accounts under the IB will be multiplied by a factor of two.
If he/she introduces 5 or more new clients to us in the same month, the total Contest Points collected will be multiplied by a factor of three.
If a clients net deposit exceeds 10,000 USD in a given month, the Contest Points produced on that client's account for that month will be multiplied by 5x.


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