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Get 135% Tradable Bonus For Each Deposit - Miki Forex

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GET 135% FOREX BONUS For each deposit Tradable Bonus. The Bonus is available for company's clients, both new and existing

Link: Get 135% Forex Tradable Bonus

Available to: All new and existing

Bonus Ending Date: From 01 January 2015 to 20 January 2015

Bonus offer: Get 135% Forex Tradable Bonus

What does it mean Tradable Bonus?

With this bonus we offer you an additional 50% margin for trading, thus providing safety cushion in critical situations.

Who can get the bonus?

All the company's clients,both new and existing, may particitate in this promotion.

How does it work?

Bonus amount credited to the client’s trading account will appear in the “Credit” column and will be added to the Equity, so the client could use it for trading. Every 2 months, after trading volume calculation, the bonus amount will be transferred to the client’s trading account partially as a GIFT!

The bonus amount is not limited.


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