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We are glad to announce that FBS is launching “A lot of Apples” promotion! Everyone can participate! You can easily become a happy possessor of brand new iPhone 6.

Link: Trade with FBS and get an iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB

Terms and conditions of “A lot of Apples” promotional campaign:

  1. “A lot of Apples” promotional campaign is held by FBS from 16.09.2014;
  2. All the present and newly joined clients of FBS can take part in the campaign regardless of their country of residence;
  3. In order to get a guaranteed iPhone 6 as a prize it is required to accomplish the following conditions
    • Total amount of deposits on a client’s trading account excluding total withdrawal amount executed during the promotion period should reach 5000$;
    • Total lot volume traded on client’s account should reach 500 lots;
  4. Once the promotion conditions are accomplished, a client should send a request for his prize taking to;
  5. After the conditions fulfillment check is finished, FBS will send the client an original iPhone 6 by a delivery means at the Company’s own discretion;
  6. Only one trading account of each FBS client not taking part in other promotions by FBS and with no bonuses credited or received can be eligible for the promotional campaign participation;
  7. Each client has the right to get only 1 prize for taking part in “A lot of Apples” campaign;
  8. Hedged orders are taken into account in their total full lot volume only in case the second order (opposite direction order) was opened not earlier than in 3 hours after the first one had been placed. Should a time period between opening two oppositely directed orders be less than 3 hours, the smaller order’s volume would take part in calculations;
  9. In case FBS suspects client of violating or of attempting to violate the conditions of promotional campaign, or of acting not in good faith towards the Company in any other way, FBS reserves the right to decline client’s participation in the campaign, suspend or terminate it and as circumstances may require (temporarily or permanently) block client’s account;
  10. FBS reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the promotional campaign conditions fully or partly or put their action to an end anytime with no prior notification in accordance with the Company’s unilateral provisions.


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