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Alpari is a Strategic Partner of the First International Forex Congress in Moscow

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The International Forex Congress held its inaugural event on April 18, 2014, in Moscow. The event was organized by CRFIN, the Centre for the Regulation of OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies. Attending this event were the executives of the leading Forex brokers of Russia, the CIS and Western Europe, as well as representatives from the banking system and government. A welcome address was delivered by Valentina Matviyenko, Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, wishing the attendees success in their endeavors.

Attending from Alpari were Andrei Dashin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sergey Vyazmin, Vladislav Kovalchuk, Valeriy Tarasov, Members of the Board of Directors and Andrey Lisitsyn, Director of Compliance.

The key theme of the conference was the trends in the development of the world currency market, and its regulation in Russia and the CIS. Alongside this, participants of the Forex Congress discussed an array of pertinent issues related to the Forex industry, including innovations in technology and products and the co operation between market participants and regulators.

The conference participants recognized the real progress being made in bringing the Russian Forex market under legislative regulation. In June 2013, the State Duma passed a bill regulating the retail segment of the OTC sector on its first reading, and the Central Bank has instructions to finalize the bill by May 2014.

One of the liveliest topics of discussion concerned the practice of regulating arbitrage in margin trading. At the request of CRFIN, Alpari's Sergei Vyazmin gave a presentation on this theme to the attendees.

CRFIN, the organizers of the conference, will make the Congress an annual event, which will have a positive effect on the Forex industry.

Source: alpari, "Alpari is a Strategic Partner of the First International Forex Congress in Moscow"


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