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$25 No Deposit Bonus All New Account - Arena FX

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$25 No Deposit Bonus All New Trading Account.You can withdraw only the profit over the initial deposit of $ 25, which is owned by Arena FX and can not be removed.

Bonus offer: $25 No Deposit Bonus All New Account

Conditions for obtaining "no deposit bonus"

For $ 25 no deposit bonus (2500 cents on the balance of the account) you need to open a

Customers who have not passed the verification process, "No Deposit Bonus" is not charged.

One person can get a "No Deposit Bonus" only once.

The validity of granted bonus is 24 months.

Accounts registered under a single IP, will be considered multiregistratsiey.

If you try to transfer to another account or to remove the "no deposit bonus" all funds will be blocked permanently.

The bonus within 48 hours from the time of passage verification (weekends do not count).


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