Free Forex Signals opportunities on ForexTime

3 June 2018 01:49 PM (GMT+0)
 Free Forex Signals opportunities on ForexTime

We are happy to announce that FXTM offered to all Traders, Trading Signals : Spotting Trading Opportunities, Just Got Easier. FXTM Trading Signals are designed to interpret the fluctuations of key financial instruments based on the most influential factor of all - PRICE. Use thorough and carefully designed price-movement scenarios to enhance your trading on popular financial instruments. Developed by FXTM’s Head of Education, FXTM Trading Signals put you one step ahead. Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your strategy and potentially maximise your earning potential. Boost your trading potentiality and sharpen your trading strategy with the TWO possible scenarios of 14 financial Instruments (8 currency pairs, 3 commodities, 3 market indices). Maximize your profit-making possibilities through the direction of the signal and Discover More Opportunities with FXTM Trading Signals.

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Offer is Applicable: All Clients

How to Apply: Opening a new account and verified your account and Access into Trading-Signals.

Why Choose FXTM Trading Signals:

14 Financial Instruments : 8 currency pairs, 3 commodities, 3 market indices.

3 Popular Technical Indicators : Provide an additional outlook on price movements.

4 Take-Profit Levels : Encouraging you to lock-in potential profits.

2 Scenarios : The most probable and an alternative scenario.

2 Daily Updates : New information released before the opening of the EU and US trading sessions.

Protective Stop Loss : To minimise risk and protect your capital.