Earn Real $40000 from Demo contest - FXTM

3 May 2018 07:13 AM (GMT+0)
Earn Real $40000 from Demo contest - FXTM

Welcome to ForexTime TITANS - the latest forex trading demo contest launched here at ForexTime (FXTM)! Joi ning the competition will give you a fantastic opportunity to prove your trading skills and receive a handsome reward for them, in a completely risk free environment! Become an ForexTime Titan & Win Cash Prizes 4 Rounds -$40,000 Total Prize Pool.Seize your chance to win $5000 of withdrawable cash per Round, paid directly to your Wallet.

Web Link: :  Titans Demo Trading Contest

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Prize Pool Per Round: $ 10,000

1st Place-$5000

2nd Place-$2500

3rd Place-$1200

4th Place- $800

5th Place-$500