300% Margin Bonus Offer Started on FBS

16 May 2018 04:54 PM (GMT+0)
300% Margin Bonus Offer Started on FBS

FBS are glad to announce the start of promotion 300% Deposit Bonus offer for Holy Ramadan, 2018. The holy month of Ramadan is starting on May 15th. This is a very special time of the year when you can look deep inside your heart, get over your doubts and become a better version of yourself. FBS announces the beginning of the Ramadan promo to help you show the best of yourself during the Holy Month. Starting from today, trading is open on your “Ramadan” account: each deposit of $100+ will be traded with a 300% margin bonus, the most successful participants’ accounts will be displayed in the "Top 5 Benefactors" rating, and the entire amount of spread and IB commission will be converted into the alms you give away to those in need as a tribute to Ramadan traditions. By tripling your income, you triple your donations to the charitable organizations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Arabic countries. Start trading now to make the world a better place. Ramadan Mubarak

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How to get the Triple Bonus: Take 3 easy steps to get a 300% bonus.

Register: Open a special "Ramadan" Account.

Make a deposit: Make a deposit of $100+

Get 300% margin bonus: Trade $100 as if it were $400

Withdrawal System: Withdraw with your local payment system.

Terms and Conditions: General terms and conditions apply.