Binary Options Free Demo Tournament - CBFinvest

22 February 2017 05:47 PM (GMT+0)
Binary Options Free Demo Tournament - CBFinvest

Binary Options Free Demo Tournament total 2000$ cash prizes. Any Spotoption brand can start offering immediately binary options Tournaments, without spending a fortune on programming and without waiting for months. Deposit from 10$ and trade with 1$. Up to 85% payouts ; Highly regulated broker ; Free webinars ; Tournaments ; Professional education

LinkBinary Options Free Demo Tournament

Available to: All Customers


Rebuys for Tournaments based on demo, the feature of Rebuys allows users who lost their demo balance to deposit in their Live account $xxx and automatically have their Tournament demo account reloaded to continue trading in the Tournament.

Mobile friendly tournament pages are responsive, therefore mobile friendly, so they can be accessed via mobile or tablet devices with ease.

Automated automation in creation of demo accounts associated with the live account of the trader and automated update of leaderboard rankings.

Semi automated you can choose this option when you want the trader to take an action before allowing him on the tournament e.g bring docs to be approved. Country flag and last name, first name initial shown in rankings.