Rebates Bonus

Forex rebate bonus

Fore rebate bonus is another promotion for intermediate to professional traders. Forex rebate is actually trading instruments. It’s a chance for traders to receive money back guarantees for every trade place on his account.  It’s different from other trading promotions that typically contains a set threshold of mercantilism volume that has got to be met so as to receive the rebate.

You can call it a forex saving bonus! Why? Because when you open a trade you may save up some cents. Therefore, you can return some $$ in every month via collecting rebates. And good things is that the number of quantity add up to your account very quickly.

Nowadays many traders are finding forex rebate bonus and a guide for it. At FxAllNews, our goal is helping our readers what are exactly forex rebates and how to benefit from there.  So stay with us and check it out.

An example of forex rebates

Forex Rebates have invariably been how of brokers to compensate the traders for their spread and commission expenses. In different words, it's an easy commission sharing theme between your broker and yourself. Like, when trading 1 Lot on USD/EUR with the spread of three pips, you finish up paying a total of thirty USD to the broker. Whereas several brokers keep the funds to themselves, there are some brokers that provide a share of this commission back to you as a vicinity of loyalty program or a forex rebates bonus promotion.

Suggestion: Read the rebate terms and condition carefully: Once you have got a listing of reliable brokers with their individual bonus, you have got to rigorously read the "fine print" of the terms and conditions. You will be shocked by the big range of necessities that brokers request to gather a promotion.

Like a bonus have 10% cash back rebates then the bonus condition and working strategy could be:

Open a MT4/MT5 trading account, deposit any amount between $... and $....., and the offered broker will give you a 10% trading credit bonus. For every standard lot you trade, they will convert $2 of your trading credit into real equity on your account. Now check out:

Terms and condition:

  • You need make a minimum deposit $... to participate the rebate.
  • If you existing trader and have been emailed the offer then you are qualify. But if you are a new trader or existing trader but don’t received email then you need to contact the broker-customer support to participate the rebate.
  • Maximum deposit amount $....
  • "1/2/++ standard lot" means a round-turn trade of 1/2/++ standard lot on currency pairs only.
  • "Real equity" may be withdrawn at any purpose in time.
  • Unconverted trading credit can't be withdrawn as money.
  • You may withdraw your original deposit at any time – but, if you decide to withdraw, your 10% trading credit will be far from your account consequently. If a part of your original deposit is withdrawn, your ten bonus are removed on a professional rata basis, thus a partial trading credit removal can turn up.
  • The bonus can be closed at any time without any notice.
  • More….

Advantages and disadvantages of Forex rebates


  • If you still learning forex trading, a Forex rebates bonus may be a good way to earn. Within the starting, there'll be inevitable losing trades, however with rebates you'll be able to ease the pain of losing.
  • The promotion is free to join.
  • The additional you'll be able to trade, the higher you rebates are.
  • You are still able to register for a rebates theme if you’re already registered with a broker. Simply speak to client support and it is organized.
  • Rebates can create your trading additional profitable.


  • There is no incentive to become an improved trading, as you’ll be earning some profit whether or not the trades square measure winning or not.
  • If the market is optimistic you’ll be tempted to trade even if you almost certainly shouldn’t.
  • Forex rebates have a bent to create traders a bit over-confident. Why worry concerning creating winning trades after you will earn cash anyway, whether or not your trade may be a sensible one or not?
  • Joining a pips rebate program also can create traders recklessly.

The rebates bonuses are generally depended on Brokerage Company. If you with a broker then it’s one way to get a good bonus but if you are new in the forex market finding a good forex broker with a good rebate bonus then it’s for you, we’ve made a best forex brokers list for you! You should choose a one and can continue with cash back!


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8 September 2017 08:34 PM UTC+0
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1.5 pips rebate for each trade ( MULTIREBATE for Traders) - LiteForex
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MULTIREBATE for Traders Unique rebates size: Totally biggest payouts – 1.5 pips for each trade What is rebate: opportunity to get paid for each trade. You will be granted for each round turn. What are 1.5 pips: simply up
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We reward your loyalty by reducing the cost of trading Its simple. Well give you a rebate of up to 10% of your trading costs if you trade over a certain amount.* Your rebate is based on the
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Campaign Period 21:00 GMT on 31st July 2013 until 20:00 GMT on 30th August 2013
$2.5 - $3.5 in trading rebates per each standard lot traded - Traders Trust
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Trader Reward Scheme At Traders Trust we are delighted to reward your continued loyalty with our great trader rebate. We have created what we believe to be the most generous cash rebate scheme for all levels of traders.
Rebate of Lost Money - UPME Group LTD
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If the market is turned not in your favor and you have lost $100 or more, than you have a unique opportunity to receive 100% of the lost funds. When you make the deposit, the funds will be enrolled
Receive a rebate of 0.5 pip per lot when you trade with us - Forex-Metal
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Receive a rebate of 0.5 pip per lot when you trade with us. The conditions of the offer are as follows: The customer is paid a rebate of 0.5 pip per lot on all trades. There is a minimum
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$12 (per lot) Instant Cash Back Rebates We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our reputation as the best forex broker and this includes creating promotional ways to attract new customers and give existing clients more for their
$10/lot on rebate account/ Up to $5/lot on classic account -
8 September 2017 08:34 PM UTC+0
Key Benefits: Yadix is happy to offer clients the most unique and exclusive rewards programme within the forex industry, up to $10 for every lot traded returned to your MT4 trading account each month. $10 per lot traded on
$10 per traded lot (Start getting your money back right now ) - MAYZUS
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FX and CFD trading can be risky At MAYZUS we value trading activity, not a deposit size! The Cash Back program is our special offer developed to reward traders for the number of traded lots they have completed.
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Up to $15 Receive Per Lot Forex Cash back Bonus. The Cashback Bonus option in Settings section of your trading account. Get $15 per each traded lot from your orders Forex Cashback. Link:  Up to $15 Receive Per